In loving memory of Gabriella Bashner


Dear friends,

It is with a heavy heart and regret that I inform you of the passing of Mrs. Gabriella Bashner. As a founding member of AFMDA, formerly ARMDI, Gaby worked diligently and tirelessly to raise funds for Magen David Adom. Before we had much of a structure at all, Gaby single-handedly raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, by asking her friends one by one to give $10,000 increments to purchase ambulances for Israel.

She was a regal woman with old world elegance and she herself had studied hematology as the wife of a doctor, and regularly conveyed in meeting after meeting the importance of securing Israel‘s blood supply. This was something that she was very passionate about. She greatly admired the work of Professor Einat Shinar to that end.

She loved Israel and knew firsthand the importance of strengthening our beloved Israel, because she herself was a survivor of the Holocaust and knew what it was like to live through horrors without a Jewish homeland. At our first banquet ever in 2013, we gave Gabriella Bashner the "Woman of Valor, Lifetime Achievement Award":

In her life as in her death we will continue to save lives in her honor.

She was a holy woman with a mission from the start. G-D will be privileged to receive her back in heaven. She will forever be remembered as an Iron Dome protector of Israel.

Gaby leaves behind three very accomplished children that she is very proud of and many beautiful grandchildren who will carry forward her rich life and legacy.

Thank you for your contribution towards Gaby's memory.

May we together rejoice in a strong Jerusalem that we build together.

Funds raised: $100 of $100,000

Thank you donors
marlene Gerson : $100
In memory of Gaby Bashner