Joshua's Bar Mitzvah

For my Bar Mitzvah project I am raising money for Magen David Adom. Magen David Adom is the ambulance service in Israel. Red Cross will not go into Israel for unspecified reasons. Magen David Adom is not government funded, so it needs help from people like you, your gift will help save lives. Magen David Adom does disaster relief, blood services, and much more.

In 1971 my Great Grandpa Al went to Israel to visit his Jewish homeland and tour. While he was there he became aware of the enormous need for medical assistance in Israel because of the constant bombing, shelling, and tank invasions by the Arab countries that surrounded this small country. He was a man of action and when he realized there was no international Red Cross presence there he questioned the cause. The Arab countries are not Christian and would not allow the Red Cross logo (or insignia in those days) to be put on trucks in their territories. So the Red Cross allowed them to put the Arab insignia on the ambulances and hospitals and still receive international Red Cross services. When the country of Israel made this same request with the same reasoning they were refused services. 

Therefore the Red Magen David Adom (later they dropped the last word from the name) became the emergency services developed by Israel for Israel when no other help was forthcoming from any other country.  When Great Grandpa Al heard this he spoke to Red Magen David officials about any American assistance. The information he received was that it was private money raised by private individuals and donated to the State of Israel and appropriately named The American Red Magen David Adom. My Great Grandfather, Albert Landay, helped create a chapter of the American Red Magen David Adom in Baltimore. He had raised more than 60,000 dollars when he died at the age of 60 and the chapter was changed to The Albert Landay Life Chapter Red Magen David by the Israeli Government. He raised enough money to buy an ambulance with his name on it and the chapter continues to operate to this day in his name.

After visiting Israel last December and seeing Magen David in operation with my own eyes, I decided to make this my Bar Mitzvah project. Please join me in continuing my family’s legacy and raise money for Magen David Adom. My family's goal is a motorcycle which costs $36,000 but brings life saving care to people in minutes. I know that might seem a little ambitious and may take years, but Israel is important to me and my family.

Funds raised: $1,250 of $36,000

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