Great Neck Jewish Community Campaign for MDA Medicycle

Save lives in Israel — faster than ever before.
The Great Neck Jewish Community is proud to announce its campaign to sponsor a Magen David Adom Medicycle.
This unique lifesaving vehicle gives MDA paramedics the speed and agility ambulances lack. MDA paramedics on Medicycles are trained to navigate traffic, conquering the most challenging situations from rough terrain to crowded inner cities and chaotic accident scenes.
Medicycles shave valuable minutes off response time and are equipped with basic medical supplies that enable paramedics to stabilize patients until an ambulance arrives.
Watch how MDA Medicycles saved lives during the terror attack in Jaffa Port on March 8, 2016.
Join us in raising $36,000 to sponsor a Magen David Adom Medicycle.
For further information, please contact Gigi Aharoni at or 917.577.5178.

Funds raised: $1,009 of $36,000

Thank you donors
CARMEL : $100