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As we all know, Israel is under attack every single day. There are the political attacks, the attacks from the UN and many other nations. Those attacks are real and need to be dealt with, but today I am talking about physical attacks in their very own country. As  I write this 150 missiles have been shot into Israeli neighborhoods from Gaza in the last 24 hours. Not on a military installation or a group of soldiers, but in playgrounds and schools and homes. 

When these devastating attacks happen Magen David Adom are the first ones called to the scene to save the lives of the victims of the latest terrorist attacks. This takes a lot of money and resources and I am personally asking for your help. No amount is too small (or too Big). Please give what you can and please tell everyone you know what is really happening in Israel (They won't see it on CNN or MSNBC). Spread the word and please give whatever you can!

Funds raised: $150 of $2,000

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Robert Pepe
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