Olga Smirin

In October 2013, my dad had a stroke while waiting for the bus on his way to work. It took too long for the ambulance to arrive.

My dad passed away after being in coma for 3 months.

My wish is to honor my dad's memory by purchasing an ambulance, so that it's never too far away, and other people's lives can be saved.

Thank you for your support.

Funds raised: $1,156 of $100,000

Thank you donors
Olga Smirin : $200
Ken McConnell : $100
Gregory Creager : $20
James Sangroniz : $50
Ian Shatto : $300
Chance Davies : $150
Susan Fisker : $100
Pauline Uruski : $100
christine taylor : $36
Olga Smirin : $75
Olga Smirin
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