Lee Cohen | Shalom

Good morning everybody! I have been thinking about how we can show our support for our specific ”family” and our larger family of Israel, at this difficult time. No doubt you are thinking the same thing. The past 6 weeks in Israel and the wider region have seen many troubling events occur. There is an actual war ongoing, and a public relations war taking place, and unfortunately Hamas’s tactics and strategy lead to heavy civilian casualties, which is a terrible thing. Israel is relatively lucky that the 1000’s of rockets fired by Hamas haven’t (YET) caused many casualties, but nonetheless there is a great deal of physical damage, fear and anxiety in Israel. I believe that an effective way to channel our hopes and dispel our fears is thru the AFMDA, which is the Israeli equivalent of the Red Cross, and an organization certainly worthy of our support. I have started a team called Shalom, and I encourage each of us, particularly children and young adults to go online, and start with $18(or certainly more for “grown-ups”) as a sign of our solidarity with our family and people. Shalom, Lee

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