Larry Chiger | Dennis Marshall Memorial Fund Drive

Dear Unity Club members, family and friends, in the last two weeks we have lost one of our favorite and long-time members, Dennis Marshall, and the state of Israel has lost three of its children. After the atrocity of these vicious murders, Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal denied responsibility, but praised the June 12th kidnappings as a "heroic act".
In response to these murders and the near constant barrage of missiles fired by Hamas in Gaza into Israeli population centers, Israel has launched retaliatory/preventive measures.  This has resulted in greater rocket attacks and another Israeli civilian death.  Tragically, it is a near certainty that more will come
As Jews, as Unity Club members and as caring humans, we grieve at the deaths of all innocents.  Especially because of this, we support AFMDA as they care for those wounded in terror attacks on Israel, and do so without discrimination as to race or religion.
AFMDA needs our help to continue their good works.  Between now and July 31, 2014 any monies donated by us will be matched, 100%, by a generous anonymous gift.  To honor the memory of our friend, Dennis, we ask that you make a secure donation right now.
The Unity Club's goal for this campaign is $2,000.  Any amount will be welcome, but we hope you will donate at least $25.  Also, please reach out to your family and friends to join us in this extraordinary matching campaign.

Funds raised: $605 of $500

Thank you donors
Lawrence Chiger : $125
Kenneth Kraus : $36
Lawerence Chiger : $36
Carol Redmore : $25
Seymour Mondshein : $50
Steve Delman : $36
iris rosen : $50
Michael Singer : $36
Richard Press : $50
Aaron Nelson : $50
maxine myers : $36
Jay Weinberg : $50
Dennis Marshall Memorial Fund Drive
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