Erica and Darren Sevel

Shalom family and friends!


This Sunday, August, 10, Darren and I are thrilled to be hosting "Cocktails and Conversation" in support of Magen David Adom and its mission of saving lives in Israel. It's going to be a special, unique evening. Here's why:  


We’re all aware of the current situation in Israel. Thank G-d, things seem to be calming down now, but we all feel a responsibility to do what we can to support our homeland and Kol Yisrael. These have been tense weeks, and many of us have a lot to get off our chests. Some of us just may want to learn about the issues, among friends. Darren and I want to provide a welcoming, open environment to discuss the issues while keeping our eyes on the prize: saving lives in Israel.


With that in mind, our goal for the evening is to raise enough money to send two MDA Red Bags of Courage to Israel. These bags include all of the essential materials required for MDA’s heroes while they’re out saving lives in the field:


- Trauma Ce

Funds raised: $636 of $2,000

Thank you donors
Gisselle Salazar : $36
noah saposnik : $36
Dennis Sevel : $360
Jason Schwartz : $36
Jerry Muller : $18
Erica Wilcox : $50
Erica Sevel : $100
Erica and Darren Sevel
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