Alex Harte

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Your donations are helping to stock an Israeli paramedic's bag with bandages, oxygen masks, syringes, medical equipment, medicines, and everything else that a paramedic bag needs. It's an exciting mitzvah project that helps save lives in Israel. 
$1,000 will fully stock one paramedic bag.
I am doing this mitzvah project for my Bar-Mitzvah because Israel does not have enough paramedic supplies to help those who require emergency medical help. 
Thank you again for your help and support.
-Alex Harte 

Funds raised: $1,087 of $1,000

Thank you donors
Judi Harte : $100
Marvin Goldstein : $250
Sheri Meyer-Hanover : $54
Wendy Bassuk : $18
Beth Goldstein : $18
Ron Korn : $50
Shira Rothschild : $36
Geri Giller : $18
Marci Seidman : $18
Lawrence Harte : $500
Alex Harte
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